Thursday, August 07, 2014

In process

Been toying with the straight edge...angles and some rolling eye dots...Not sure...I jumped in...been talking about these totems for a while and I've created this angle paper wanted to use it so I'm not sure but this wood panel is 12 x 48  a lot longer then I'm use to and kind of excited to do that... I have a 12 x 12, a 6 x 12, and a 12 x 16 I want to attached to the this...I want to do some graphic color glazing with this too. My one youngest daughter said, Mom where are you going to hang this?   In a gallery some where, and I have enough boards to so two not sure...Seems to be the state I'm in lately of a lot of that a word? probably not but it's a word today. 


  1. A whole new direction for you Laura. How exciting!


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