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Friday, August 22, 2014

High on life....

 After the gal from the Art tribe came over on Wednesday Night...I was still on a high most of Thursday and kind of lost as of no one was home and I wondered around for a while then got back into my routine of doing yoga on most mornings....Then being in the Studio just sparked me to put the Apron on and the music and off I went in about 5 direction...thinking I'll do this and that while this dries and some of this and prepare for that while something else dries but by the end of the day I wanted to work on this journal for myself...it had paper from a pad of Mixed Media paper I purchased a while back...though I've only glued with a glue stick this far in it...but I have to say this morning it started something and I went with the flow...
My daughter gave me her Vogue magazine which I personal do look at but I went though it this morning and pulled out mainly black and white values...The thought of class two for on-line has been floating to long in the back wings of my brain and it's time....sure while I'm getting everything else ready for a big exhibit...to bring it forth....Nothing like while your busy that more ideas come in...sure the creative gates are open look out....Pray to be kept a float is all I say...

 Had a good time with it....let go totally and made a good creative mess of it...and I like it. (Back)

And this is the front of it, Only 6 signatures of 10 pages each but the paper is thicker but not as thick as watercolor paper of 140lbs.  

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