Sunday, August 03, 2014

A look back at the past few days-The Clearing, Intuitive Collage Workshop

 When I enter the area of The Clearing I'm just instantly connected to a good positive flow of great green growth and hope.
 A look at the Gift shop and Jens Jenson Center.
 This is the area we ventured out for lunch each day and sat in a circle to the warmth of the sun and good conversation.
 A look from the up stairs balcony where the Morgan the Intern and I stayed. The room is so's wonderful.
 To you Right...some station set up for our needs.
To the Left is the exhibit they have hanging and our plastic laid out for the papers to dry on while we are working. 
 Linda was blessed with the sun rays early and Carol and June busy working on their papers.

 I wasn't able to take picture the first day...lots of instruction going on and well that was a bit more important then snapping pictures. June is adding color to her gessoed Kraft paper we made on Thursday.

 PJ is working on some of Gessoed Kraft papers too.  She just moved here from Idaho this past winter...which was her first winter and it was heller....but she survived.  Love to listen to her stories.

 Francha is an instructor at The Clearing also teaches the Paste Paint and book making classes, I believe.
 Nancy, Mary and Francha here on this side of workshop... we are on our second day and assembling the collage with all the papers we made the day before.
 I didn't realize the face on June here...she made me laugh, had to share.

 Carol, was waiting for her layer of clear polymer to dry...dear patience one.

 Nancy Abstract Landscape piece taking on a nice foundation.

 slipped in this little one...I was working on..
 Francha also was working on her abstract landscape piece.

And here are a few of the piece created in the workshop...they have a good foundation to continue if they so choice... papers are read and have tack irons at their side, let the fun begin. 

What a great peaceful place, with an awesome staff at "The Clearing, Folk School" 

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