Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday-Self Care Day

Instead of Hump Day today....I've personally dedicated this day of the week Self Care.  It amazes me how easily I can get bumped of track....well lets face it derailed.  Kind of a spiral down....and then thankfully it's to the ground and then I can regain my footing and stand back up.

I've also heard what you might complain about one day is what you end up being grateful for the next. All a hike to take.

My personal impatience
My wanting everyone to be happy
My way of seeing the world and how to fix it
My expectation of myself

I get caught up in the "My" stuff...and forget so easily I'm not alone.   The rush the urgency to do more and I'm not enough crap that I've written about in many different version over my span on the blog here is really starting to drive me crazy...

I know I'm not alone on my thinking but I do spend my over share up there paying double the rent..."in my head" it's my make MO so to say...but having some balance is the key...more (here I go again) with what I want...but being able to understand my imbalanced parts faster and regain footing quicker.  Where's my magic wand...dang it, I want to be in that more... got to face my reality...generation of mom and I see it my kids...we are doers and we get caught up in all the living stuff and wanting to explore even more when we see that we've been able to accomplish something we/I think I should do it any time and more of it....expectation out of whack...Balance....

So I could gather you all up and take you spinning more but I'm going to end with....the bottom line for me...Center, core...beginning place always is with a spiritual reality check.  Pep talk...."Dear Sister...You are a Highly Creative being, embrace it and know that there is a many not know it, but "believe" and "Trust."

Contact has been made, connection is locked in..
Self care,
Shower has been taken,
dressed in a nice summer dress,
Perfume is sprayed on.
finishing this typing,
going to make my self a Whole30 breakfast,
and then head to the studio to set up week 4 video for my on line class.
got a spiritual meeting this afternoon
Make a nice dinner of sort
and allow things to on fold...

I'm sure there's be a bit more art business going on but this is by far a better attitude to take with me on this glorious day. 

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  1. Glad you are off to a good start...I'm looking forward to week 4 of your class.


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