Sunday, July 06, 2014

Some older works and sale...

My morning got me moving pretty fast, got the house all picked up and clean, as I had a client come to my home for a possible sale. Actually the assistant director of the Downers Grove Library. She's been following me for sometime and keeping up with my tack down Tuesday's and well she purchased a print of Victory Song and Moon of Falling Leaves.   And a really fun one Storyteller Drama.

 Victory Song, 24 x 24 collage on canvas...

 Moon of Falling Leaves, 24 x 24 collage on canvas...

Storyteller Drama  8 x 8 matted. 

Poke Salad Annie, 36 x 36 collage on canvas 

Elmhurst Museum, Guild Gallery
July 8 - August 15, 2014
Opening Reception
July 11, 7-9 pm
150 Cottage Hill
Elmhurst, IL 60126

And this last one I had to drop off at the Elmhurst Artist Guild Summer Members exhibit yesterday. I look at this piece of work and think all so different and they came from the same so many emotions and ideas that were expressed.  Darn I say I love them all...with out sounding conceded?  but I do each one I'm connected to for a different reason. 

I'm heading out to my cousin's home today....need to deliver

a print on a wood panel for her Grandson birthday  present...Pale Pony...another one I'm attached to.
Sounds so odd to but each one of this has a part that I got excited about and how the effects worked and came together.

Well now to do more research on a tent....or teepee...I feel like a fish out of water....flip flopping around...with should I or shouldn't I....I think it about being a free of really looking crazy....and well all the strings that will be stretched out...Oh God help me with this one...I ask is this the Plan...and wait for a Sign. This reminds of a Question in Artist Way...If you could do something crazy and wild what would it be...or some question to the effect of that...and this would be not jumping out of an airplane and sky diving...No...don't have wings won't be doing that...


  1. Very beautiful collages!I love the second!

    1. So Analia your a fall person too....

  2. Congratulations!!!! Each piece is very complex....but so cohesive. I can see why you get attached.

    1. I think Jo, the love for this piece are so strong many for the moment that is still in me when I created each piece...Like documents of time.


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