Monday, June 23, 2014

Yes, I do get scared to start

Tar Paper Art...
"Thank God"
12 x 12 in total, art 8 x 8
no glass, no mat and no frame needed....

This is one of those piece that came together because I just wanted to be up in my studio...and didn't know where to start.  I finished mounting some piece to wood panels and putting the strap d hangers and wire on.  I pulled out my wood panel for the totem's I wanted to do....laid them out on the floor and the total size is 6' 10" and well my first head reaction is where the heck am I going to store something like this....and my heart is saying... Yes I want more of them and whole full wall of them together...

So I've got the wood panels, measured them and there they sit....Yes...I'm scared to start.  Nothing I've not gone through before. With the way things have been the last week or so...I feel it's best that I let things settle a bit...And I can see I'm going to have to being the process with creating some papers...a whole different process then the piece I just open a drawer and pulled out the papers I had already made and let something come of it...and these I've got a bit more planning involved. 

Well it will all come together in the thing about this all is to listen to the heart...and things work out later as of how I'll store it all....Between a square as my favorite format to work from I have the long vertical next...and these will be really long and tall.  And with just wanting to be in the studio I created a piece for my fall show...OK just some to teach class. 

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