Saturday, June 21, 2014

Working a process through to the end....learning all the way.

I know I showed this early in the week but I'm showing it all now together, I'm working on the process of how these images can become something else and then to take it further and make a few more with exploring the images and different ways...abstracting them. 

 Right on the 12 x 12 gesso board, I begin... tape the side of the cradle so no paint or polymer medium gets on it... and then coat the surface with two layer of polymer, that is if you are using a tack iron method of collaging as I do...All papers are coated too.

 Sticking with my horse theme...and the small stencils I made from the Danada Herd piece I'm toying and noodle this out...being in the process, though unsure of myself I have to turn inward and trust the gut.  Sometimes I do things and don't understand why and then I see how it works out as I build of the layers of paper and marks and acrylic paints.

Here it is...."June inspiration" 12 x 12 collage on Gesso board....need to give it a coat of varnish and take a better image of it..but excited to complete it.   I'm still working on the process of taking the images and bring them together....the process is not one of representing it's likeness perfectly but one of emotion capture at the time all the images came together and the experience of the artist date. Segments of time, thought, emotions, sights, and smells and the dance of the day.   I totally don't understand it all yet and I don't think I'm to....but the more that I give it a try the more I will understand it's the meantime it's a great learning experience for me. 


  1. Seeing your process is inspiring! Thank you.


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