Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Whirling Winds of comfort

Yesterday I strongly need to get to the woods and I'm so glad I did....the weather was in the tornado watch mode till 9:00 am...did I listen?  No,  I've been out in the woods as storms are brewing and the winds whirl around the trees and the sounds of the leaves and the invisible movement.  At that point I realized I'm very much attached to this element of air...I should,  being born under the sign of Gemini which is an Air sign.

As I walked a load of circling thinking spilled out with every step. And well I did my writing in the morning but I could shake the unproductive thoughts so the walk was called for.  

What I received for the millionth time is Acceptance, the key to understanding it all is to accept life as it is now and then from that point you can adjust yourself to what you need to do to keep moving forward.  

Not that I didn't get this before and that it's a new's something that continually has to be looked at because as we know life is ever changing....

Home from the walk...did some yoga and then spent the afternoon in the studio and to an art tribe meeting...

Today I will be taking a piece of art to our local library to see if they will accept my piece as a donation..  and then I need to call an accountant and talk to her in preparing for next year...I think I'll need to start having some people help....

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