Thursday, June 26, 2014

Staying open can have it's gifts

For whatever reason I do trust that again I was to watch this video and listen to this and also to share a deep  early morning talk with a dear friend this morning on this very subject of role Women and men have on this planet...I"m truly am in awe of all my morning hours...I decided to change something, I had wanted to get going differently on the morning routine and take the dogs out...Carl mind you is my elder and can only make it round the block with out lagging behind but Hank can do a lot's still good for Carl thought to get out and stimulate his body.  "he's a happy camper all the day long."

I had a rough couple of days...body acting up an hormones changing and well trying to get a grip and get through it...and this morning feeling differently I decided as I said to change things up. My neighborhood still sleeping at 5:15 am we walk...the dogs and I....I enjoy it greatly...

Then I share some meditations from my morning books with my friend and she calls me and one thing lead to another and here I am...preparing to take a weekend trip with my husband and well I'm all excited to do that.

We came up with the conclusion that it's a daily diligence of hard work to be the woman of the relationship just as much as the Man's role...we I think with out words came to this Aha moment...and feel it's worth it...


  1. Good morning my dear friend. I too am in awe of my morning hours. You inspire them. Thank you for your creative blessings. How are the roles of woman and man different when they are on vacation compared to the homestead?

  2. Less distractions and the focus is on each other, comforts and needs...a lot simpler for sure. knowing it will be on a short time way...letting go of all outside influences that pull on our attention too.


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