Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wonderful color everywhere...Day two-Dillman's

 Jeanne is working hard and quiet back here...the intensity is amazing today with everyone working so hard.
 Pam rubbing in color to the surface of the found gesso papers.

 Lush pinks emerging from Mary Jo

 I was able to capture Adele working a section of her gesso paper.

 Jill working on one side of her papers, the option to being on more then one color is a choice as we build the palette.

 Franice, is creative explore the surface of the papers.

 Took a few photos of the hidden papers under tables and along side the walls.

 The need to allow the papers to dry flat is of highest concern....don't want to have them hang and touch each other or all be drippers...

I saw this paper Carol was working on after wards and I have to say what a awesome color and the texture of the waves turned out great!

There's a demo planned this morning after we coat our papers and morning collage meditation in our sketch books... then the afternoon is process...all about process and learning about layers and what works for what materials...should be another productive day. 

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  1. Oh, man, just seeing all those papers makes me want to create some! Looks like a very fun and productive workshop.


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