Saturday, May 10, 2014

visiting and listening to the chimes

Had a surprise visit with my parents yesterday morning, My dad had to come in for a check up with his doctor he likes here in IL. and well everyone was sleeping in at my sisters house so we are all up early here and we chatted for a good two hours.  I'll be seeing them again after my workshop at Dillman's I always stop by there on the way home.

After our visit I headed back up to the studio to start the assemblage of the packet and look over all the supplies..with teaching classes, workshops and my own personal use, the get a bit spread out from time to time. I could have put music on while I was doing this but the sounds of the chimes where more appealing to me. The winds where still blowing strong, I think I have about four different sets of chimes plus a few in the house so when the wind blows in the sound is nice and strong in the house too.

After the packing and sort session of things I decided to gear up for some art fused to the wood panels. I've got a few of my Tack down Tuesday's that have not found a home yet so this way by fusing them to the wood panels I can provide presentations without glass or frame needed.

So three black ones and four brown ones. I painted the tops of the panels and about 1/8 down, being I use a black glazing or brown glazing in the will match nicely.

Relationships 36 x 36 collage on canvas
I'll be dropping this piece off this morning at the Burning Bush was selected by the Naperville Art League to be in the Best of the Best show with the Alliance of Fine Art 2014 Exhibit.  Limited space so I had another one with the Midwest Collage Society but don't want to be greedy allow others to exhibit too. Plus this piece is a bit bigger.

Then I'm turning all art over and heading out side to tend to my yard....I was able to plant my little garden area but weeds and grass need to be cut...the husband did it last weekend while I was at the Elmhurst Art Fair but this is my thing...I do love my yard and working in it...Well best get a move on it.


  1. Hi Laura, I always enjoy reading your posts, and this one I found particularly interesting. I also like to mount my pieces on wood, but I have yet to come up with a satisfactory method. Am wondering if you would share your process on how you do this? Thank you, and thanks for sharing with us. I am looking forward to an online class that I hope you will be offering soon!

    1. I can share my process on the blog here...nothing special.

  2. Love chimes! So relaxing to me...and good for you getting a good start on your garden; another "make you feel good" thing.


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