Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just some stuff....Good stuff though

Shared on Facebook but I had to bring it to my blog....Eugene Parson Collage Artist Oregon   I think it was Crystal Neubauer that had it on her Facebook post but I couldn't help but bring it here to share with you all. Totally amazing, I hope that I'm as attracted to paper as she is when I become her age.

So my Artist magazine came in the mail yesterday and I was thumbing through it to see what was new and interesting and I stumbled upon this piece.

Carlo Carra Mixed Media, from 1914, and the size is 114/5 x 15 1/5   Seen that it was part of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and then it had me being all ADHD and looking at the Peggy Guggenheim collection.   Oh my gosh all the stuff she has collected over the years....I've hear stories about her so if I was a speed reader I would love to learn more about her....well so here is a short version about Peggy...didn't know what I know little internet surf will give ya..The Mistress of Modernism

Well back to the piece by Carlo Carra...a compositional layout of a Radial design  working from a center point which doesn't have to be in the center but the way it spreads out from that point and I'm drawn to this piece by how Carlo's brought depth into the piece.

Always new opportunities to keep learning...sometimes I feel like I'm all filled up with learning and then there goes the attraction thing and I'm off looking at something bright and shinny or it attracts my intuitive side.

I've been an a super energy high since I got back from Wisconsin....Talked to my Mentor a few times and I think I might be scaring her....I'm just going with it and riding the wave out so to say...but I have been working at the inner balance stuff too. Forcing myself to sit and read a book...which I'm enjoying, it's holding my interest besides Gift from the Sea...which is like a life reminder/self help.  So how do you not scare people and embrace you flow of energy.   Well some would say you Crash...I've done that too...but I don't stay down for long.  It's in my strong bohemian make-up or gene's, my Mom is like that and I know my Grandpa Riha was like that too. Any ways rambling....if I can do it I know I'll be giving it a good try.  Always the addiction of the next project....I could be addicted to worse things right?

So on that note....

 Next batch of Tack Down's moved to wood panels...if they don't sell as it I've been moving some to the wood panels...this way I figure there ready to hang on the wall...not mats, glass or frames. and I love their chucking look to them. Real art right there on the surface.

 For a long time I've been making my own morning journals, with the coptic stitch system of securing the pages together. And if you can see past the journal boards to the wild surface behind it...that's my work desks on top of one of my tables. This becomes my spot to "Muck up" on. Well when it gets good an thick with layers of paint and polymer I cut off the tapes edges and use the paper...I'm in need of a new Morning page journal and so I figured it's time to prepare one as I have one signature left before I'm done with what I'm writing in now. Got some evening plans...of stitching a journal together. Boards are read and coated for some quick tacking down of papers.

And yesterday I was preparing for my On-line class with the first assignment of compositional design placement and well I need to do the "Chef thing" and have it prepared for a quick video...

So just some stuff but all good stuff going on...I've heard the word Monkey Mind before but I don't think I have Monkey Mind...I think it's a creative mind set...on of gather information and putting it all in a basket and carrying it around for awhile absorbing what will and discarding what doesn't sink in my already over processed mind.   No the brain never grateful creative has been my side kick all my life or I would be in a Loony bin....As Julia Cameron said on her first books....Going Sane feels a lot like Going insane...and I's where you end up that counts. Also those that learning differently because of Learning disabilities have a way about them in how the process and gather the information. So I'm just going with it and embracing it all...

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  1. Found Eunice Parsons too! Her studio kind of looks like mine! And I'm always on the floor too! I love her!


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