Friday, May 09, 2014

Printer had to cool down.....

Well I guess I've been working the printer to a state of overheating...getting ready for the workshop I make up a packet...(small booklet) of all that I teach in the workshop and then some. So each year I seem to add a bit more as I learn more.  So what's nice about the printer is it let you know it was cooling down. I've never had that happen before...usually things just shut down and go to a black screen.

Yesterday I put in to practice a bit of being at the Sea of solitude....since I'm reading the Gift from the Sea I cut out the distractions. I had not music playing not TV on-(all my young adults were gone, so nice not to hear the silly drama shows they watch, I keep walking by them and say Really?  not nice I know but Really?)

The windows where all open no Air some of them were complaining already in the homestead but I took care of my needs, personally showered, perfume, mascara, comfortable clothes and my new flip flops...not cheapies...ones with more cushion.  I continued on my mission to print all that I need between creating some pumpkin pancakes and some Paleo Tortilla's then I put some bison meatballs in the oven to cook for some quick meals.  Yes I eat bison, they have it at our local Whole Foods.

The sounds of all my chimes where ringing in there different tones I was in heaven.  By the end of the day I felt that I regained my core center of balance.  I didn't walk or exercise but I took care of myself in a gentle way.

All my mothers day card are sent out and even chatted with my mom, which she is in much better health now.

Off to get lost in the studio and put my packet together. 


  1. Sounds like a very nice day indeed, Laura!

    1. it was Sharmon, I continued it into the next day.


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