Friday, May 30, 2014

living a day to it fullest

 Well when I create the Tack Down Tuesday's they are done on 140 lb. watercolor paper, which gives me the choice of mounting them on the wood panels or matting them and framing them behind glass.
I like the wood panels so these are done and allowed to dry proper for a few days with the varnish coat before I store them for exhibiting.

 I seem to try to utilizes my trips and when I was heading back from a trip to return some ceramic tile we changed our minds on I stopped in the Ace hardware store and stocked up on the Nevr Dull.
Always good to have some on the shelve.   This next Monday weather permitting I'm going to show them how and they will explore the cool effects that happen with the Nevr Dull to the National Geographic papers.

Had to pick up work from Culture Stock a few days ago....While I was in Wisconsin an artist friend so kindly picked up my work and well now it's home.  This was one of my first big piece I older piece but a favorite one.

I spent the day decluttering and cleaning the homestead....cut the lawn early and then vacuumed and washed the kitchen floors...with Hank and how he drinks water and just pours out of the side of his big lips water is always every where and then things drop in and dry well I don't have to give you any more details there do I....and with the bug of cleaning going on I tried a window cleaning solutions....Blue Dawn in a but with water and cloth, wash the window and then dry with paper towels...Amazing. How it mind you that will last about maybe a day or two till Hank shakes his head and the slobber flies....yes some of the gentle giant stuff that happens with a Great Dane...

I chatted with my mentor...well I rambled a good long while to her...shared about my experience in my workshop and also wished her a Happy Birthday.

I daily check in on the Daily OM,  and today, the last sentence said seeing that your life is full today , you will understand that abundance is not measured by your resources by through your ideas about life.

So as I head upstairs to do a bout of yoga I will bring with me thoughts about ideas of my life and it's resources. 

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