Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just a few left overs....

 Walking out on the green space, from Studio 1 at Dillmans...as each day went by the lime green hue made it's way across the mid tree line. Awesome  to witness.

 Stopped in to Sandy Point Frisbee Golf Course and picked up Jake a few Frisbee's, and what was funny is the store clerk was from Chicago...and it just got there to help out with the big tournament that was happening over this Memorial Day weekend.

Every morning that I walked down the road I heard what I thought was crows...but some really odd sounds, till one morning I walked right under them, a pair of Raven's....they were huge and all down-fluffy. Hard to see that here but I noticed their beaks were a different style then the crow and well the deeper voices too from the parents.  Thought that was very special to witness. As I walked by they stood complete still...like if they moved you would see them and that's a natural instinct in the wild...movement attracts predators. 

 It was dusk and I was sitting on the pier at my parents lake, Buffalo Lake in Montello. What a peaceful place. I have many memory there with my cousin Doris and canoeing and water skiing.

Well time to do some walking in the woods today before more rain comes in and then bring that inspiration to the studio...got some things to get a move on as theirs a art fair coming up.

And I officially launched my On-line class today in my Tack Down Tuesday Weekly News Letter....big step....

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