Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Walking in the woods

The sound and sights of the wind is really exciting.  And at moments a bit bone chilling but so happy to be outside and walking in it. I notice though I walked out there all winter too, my line of sight was brought up to looking out and what might be around the next corner.  Instead of watching every step I made trying to be careful not to fall even though I had my walking sticks.  Feeling a bit of freedom from that whole winter ordeal. Spotted a Doe and hope not but I think she's got a back left leg not in good shape.  She won't fair well for long out there...But if rich greens start up soon maybe she'll get some plant healing medicines in her and have a good recovery. There are a family of coyotes out there. Nature finds her balance with it.

Well off to the studio....homestead is quiet today...everyone is off to work...I'm going to continue this listening journey of the wind and my wind chimes....sometimes keeping is simple so fulfilling. In gratitude this morning. 

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