Monday, April 07, 2014

Value the whole of your life

Opened the book back up, along with morning pages/journal writing to start my day I enjoy a bit of old world wisdom from those that have walked this way long ago... from Native American to the Wabi Sabi etc.  Something about connection to a old ways calls...and I listen to read and ponder and try to soak it in....I know it's part of tending the other side of my triangle...the spirit side as of increasing knowledge from a old source for my soul. All part of the mind, body, soul thing...the triangle...tending to thyself and art of a simpler knowing.

"Standing tall, through it all"

Living Wabi Tara Gold

"Deep in your heart, you have always know the truths of living Wabi Sabi," Obaa-san said as she calmly poured another cup of tea. "I'm simply here to remind you of those quiet truths, to counter balance the years of other voices that have drowned them out. From one direction or another, you have learned to hide, ignore, or resist the imperfection in your life and your surroundings, and you've probably done it well. Most everyone has. Now the time has come to channel that energy into more productive, enjoyable endeavors, to start valuing the whole of your life. Rather than defeat the imperfections in life, living Wabi Sabi will help you to redefine the negative's to understand their hidden, positive lessons and become a more joyful person along the way."

"We are not perfect. We are not supposed to be perfect. We simply are."
When we broaden our attitude to embrace everything as perfectly imperfect, we begin to see more clearly what's truly important to us, and we increase our joy of living.

We must each find our own unique recipe for a joyful life. There exist no cookie-cutter pattern to follow, no standard mix of ingredients, regardless of who and where we are. Life isn't this way or that. Life simply is.

Channel your energies into more productive, enjoyable endeavors; start valuing the whole of you life, here and now, just as you are.


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours