Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tinker toys, Grateful for that time in my life

Yes, you're seeing right a can of tinker toy and the biggest can yet was what I played with in my youth and I'm so glad I had that time...because yesterday I was trying my darnest for at lest 4 hours to figure out the instruction to put my new side walls and half wall up so I can let go the metal panels and have an easier go of it...well that easy turned in some work.  

 Now my wall is only 3 ft where this one is 6 foot.

then the back opening or a full back wall you can fold it back....(tent pictures from website Lightdome )

Finally I put the instruction down and looked what I had an pull my instincts from my youth and went at it...Almost had it and then the husband came out....(thank God)  because my dyslexic brain was about ready to throw in the towel and sell this stuff...but he bitched and sweet talked the whole set  up and then we laughed and had some as I call it intimate moments we got to all together...I had my red sharp out so I could mark the bars and tee's so I would have some kind of guidance later. I'm really glad he was there to help because he got a good look at it so when and if he has to help later at an art show he knows what he's up against...nothing worse then a man pissed off and  sweet talking the parts and everyone turning heads...and rightly so how things are made and to be assembled, I totally understand the frustrations...but it still makes me want to duck and hide... 

We wrapped things up and went to our local Bakers Square and had a early dinner and  a little motorcycle ride. To a quiet evening exhausted...he was dealing with his bad boy computer in the garage that decided to have some updates issues...which lead him to talking with a guy from Ireland for 100 minutes on the phone and got it going and may loop holes Microsoft doesn't want you to know about...silly world. 

Sunday Morning Breakfast with Family, tended to a few chours and now in the studio...need to finish two more of my (Tar Paper collage pieces)

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