Thursday, April 03, 2014

Oh my loving pets

Well whatever stomach virus it was has past now...just body aches from laying around. Don't do that often. The problem is the pets knew something was up to...they don't see me laying around all day and sleeping in bed during the day. They kept bothering me or checking to see what was up...At one time I had Hank the big guy trying to get my arm up he was nudging me so.  And our Cat Sophie...she just keep walking all over me and purring and nudging me also...Carl my faithful buddy was at my side just keeping an eye on everything.  They sense something was not normal even the rest of house saw that.  Heck, Mom's are suppose to be sick, Right?  well I surely didn't want to be either. Easy does it was all I was saying to myself.

So on with the day, grateful it happened when it did. ....I've got a road trip planned with a another artist friend Barb, we are traveling out to drop off work at a gallery -Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights.  The show is called "Minute Musings" More details as that comes around. Really nice gallery space.

Out of the Three that I entered this one was chosen to be in the exhibit...Titled " Be the Vision" I have it mounted on a wood panel to the size of 8 x 8.  

This Friday there is an Opening Reception for Culture Stock in Aurora, I've got a few piece in that show too. Full information below. 

And last but not least I was featured on Crystal Neubauer's Blog... Yesterday, I can't wait for her book to come out, I'm sure it will be awesome. 


  1. What an enthusiastic and well-done flyer about Culture Stock. Makes me wish I could see the exhibit. And kudos to you to be a part of it all. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. thanks Carol, Yes this is a grass roots kind of place...and wishing it much one of the Art Tribe gals in my art marketing group has been so kindly volunteering her time to make this a big success.Got wind that my big piece is being eyed up.


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