Saturday, April 05, 2014

Last Night at the Culture Stock

 My piece fit nicely against the Red Wall. 

 This is another piece exhibited, called Sex Drive 18 x 18 wood panel collage Mixed media. 

 Some great piece exhibited. this one is from found parts and hanging from the Ceiling. Maureen husband gave a hand hanging this. 

 There was a drawing for the lovely flowers. 

 Cheryl Holz's new Fairy houses that light up, pretty cool. 

Randy, yes the Husband came and that was wonderful, we went early and had dinner at Ballydoyle's in Aurora and then walked around the areas and headed over a bit early but met up with Tania and Maureen.  It's a great place the Culture Stock and what they are doing there. Been open for about a year and a half Tania said.  It was a great evening...The husband and I left and walked around the area to other venues that where open and seen inside the Paramount which was preforming it...we didn't see but we got to see the exhibit space there which is awesome.

Well best get a move on getting ready for Collage and Coptic Stitch book binding today at Mayslake...really excited about that, got set up yesterday before the Art reception...and with all the walking around I received an awesome nights sleep so up and ready to go...

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