Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Because I had paper left over.....

Well I got the OK from the Gallery to give these a try...I'm making them small for some nice quick sales. I'm going to have fun, paper is going to be every where.  No thinking for this gal just playing and doing and cutting, tearing and tacking down. I've got 9-3" x 6"  5- 7 x 7's and 6-12 x 12's   I'll see how this all works...need to find a different tape with a bit more stick'em to it...the low tack doesn't like to adhere well to the Roof paper. 

 In the process collage table shot.

Laid it down to take a look at it before I glazed it.  

Color is off but it is a rich earth yellow and blacks, grays and whites...still inspired by my sheet of images. This is a new substrate I'm toying with...some kinks need to be worked put a bit. But it's a minimalist piece as no glass, no frame just tack down on Roof felt paper...

Stretching the limits with this...each time I put it together I try something a little bit different. But I had enough papers to put this larger piece together and theirs still more so I may even do a smaller one...and that's how a series begins. 

More of the back yard is racked and looking pretty good and seeing more an more green each day...I'll have to take a picture of this piece tomorrow morning always better to do it in the morning. 

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  1. Love taking photos outside for the textures, colors and memories there. Beautiful, Laura.


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