Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One of those Days....

No it's not the end but the beginning again....wonders of cycling and spiraling around...(picture woman in long flowing dress flower every where, spinning and spinning to the meadows dance)  this wondrous world of wandering creative souls....some times one has to go crazy to be come sane....I do believe many lessons are learned when gratitude for the ugly parts is honored...Does that sound crazy? Sure it does...but as My mentor shared...aren't artist given that right to bit Eccentric? (wearing badge proudly, Thanks Carol)

I'm thawing out my dinner now to assemble in the slow cooker,listening to Yoga southwest music, going over some of my on line class stuff...reread and editing a bit, small steps forward.

I'm hoping by getting the slow cooker going I can free up some time in the afternoon for a bit of studio time. I'm on my last signature of my morning page journal and need to stitch a new one together but have to make the collage covers first...and fold the papers...some 100 pages...all together from start to finish I think about 3 need to set up the time and push other stuff out of the way.

Yesterday I had the experience of receiving new tires for my little Black Transit...

Well I first went into my tire place to set up an appointment to have my tires rotated...and they said they could do that right then and I figure sure why not. Time went by and out come the service guy...said they can't rotate the tires because they are not load baring and I could have a blow out and they can't be responsible for it...what?   then the service guy continues to tell me that I can have new tires put on..they will do that?  What?  how much is this going to cost me?   Well because they put the information in the computer wrong and no one caught this???....Safety reason they are going to do this for three years in on this set of tires...I now have a off brand set of tires, (husband checked out on line and still good ratings on them) ...Kind of weird ...Like the husband's bosses purchasing a new truck for the husband to use....does this kind of stuff happen?  Really now?....Yes but it feels so odd like something is going to go wrong majorly really soon.   But as I've learned don't go thinking that way you put negative vibes out to attract more all I can say is Thank you Great Spirit....I will try to be as giving as I can possible in my journey here on earth...

(photo taken last summer)

Off to tend to dailiness to keep this crazy artist sane...much to do and thankful for that.

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  1. Ooh, good new tires for free? Wonderful!


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