Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My horse series....has been a life time in the making but in the last year....a wonderful process.

 Here's a Gray Mare, single out for some reason and I'm sure it was for a good reason...usually because they on healing form some illness or injury...never anything to terrible.
 You've probably see these image for before from my summer stops at the Danada Wheaton.
 Then I did a few collage sketches about the gray mare...would still like to do a big one like this with the colors and all but as you can see it spring boarded in to the next piece.

My Pale Pony... 12 x 36 collage on canvas. 

Then I toyed around with a different feel again a single horse.   I recently revisited some of my childhood daydreams in my morning pages of writing and connected to pale pony or the Palomino I would always image I of one of mine own...Never really riding it but always seeing it. Hmmm what's that all about?  is it time to sit on the couch and talk with just daydreams. 

 This one I did while back last year at the Create Workshop held in Lisle IL.   I was working with my word of the year Intuitive...and just had a great time creating this piece. New fresh linoleum cuts and hand made stamps.
then I play with a image transfer where you put the medium down and then place the image over it and let it dry....not to happy with that process but I did with the group/workshop class, I like my tack down image transfers but it still was the process and being there that was most exciting. 

Then the image of a snowy day at the stables....where all the horse were just standing there with their rear ends facing west and the winds whirled around them and it was cold too. I was in awe of I did a quick collage sketch to capture the moment...not a lot of detail, the rest is got stored up in my head.   


  1. I hadn't seen that one from the Create workshop in Lisle before. Certainly is intuitive!

    1. it was fun to do too.

  2. Seeing your process unfold both physically and conceptually was awe inspiring. ESPECIALLY the collage sketches. No wonder you're so attached to it!


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