Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lunch break..

 So the call to the studio today was early and I created some paper that will hopefully be used for the Stacking rock series...I wanted to add some texture, marks and splatters of dots...then I did a glazing of a dark grey and now need to put one more coat of polymer on the top and it's ready.

then I pre -drilled the book binding covers.   I use a Flex Shaft drill or I guess it's call a dremel, treated myself a while ago with this tool for the studio. But in the last workshop the hand drilling went pretty good but...some holes were drill on a angle and that's not good. When the book thread is pulled tight it could tear the chipboard which a few did...So I decided to drill the holes...24 set ready to go.

Just got back from the office supply store and purchased more of the paper I use for these... so some book binding in the evenings.

Weather is warmer today and I've already walked the dogs...both together..crazy Hank is always look down to Carl for guidance...as of what's the old boy going to do I'm going to be part of it too...and Carl's had nice trot going till the beagle in him takes over and we off to something he's smelled.  Planning on some raking in the front yard...my bird feeder has some seed shell all over the place.  Got to pace myself or the obsessive side will want to do it all in one day...crazy.  well off to finish lunch and keep it moving..

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  1. For some reason, many are talking about clean up after their bird feeders. Still got icey srift under mine, but I'm up to date on dog piles!


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