Monday, March 03, 2014

Going back to basics

Not a lot of time but I wanted to share with you all....class starts today, Basic Design with Collage. It is one of my favorite classes to teach. Starting with a simple magazine and glue stick and you handy pair of scissor...we will all visit and build page upon page in our collage sketchbooks.

Well got to run and be ALIVE today!!!


  1. oh that looks really basic - fab - I would be happy to join your classes Laura...
    I have to do more exercises with all the cool techniques I learned from your videos....
    I really love this playing with the papers and colors and designs..
    I even bought a little set of wonderful rolls out of foam ... to roll like you do in the videos.. I took just a kitchen sponge yet and my brayer..but with this little rollers it seems to be much more fun....especiall to bring the white color on...
    happy week Laura - have fun teaching this class!

    1. Love the way creative think...and the limit with supplies and what one can find to use instead...good for you Susi

  2. Collage is a really great way of teaching design. Your samples (or student work?) look fabulous; looks like a wonderful class!

    1. These are just some examples of some composition design that I did to show the class...we will be working through them soon...need practice.


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