Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Greater presence enters in my morning pages...

 This piece was created after a trip up to Door County region, WI, and it's found a home shortly after it was created.  My love of stacking rocks....runs really deep the act of co-creating them on the shoreline is like an honoring ceremony of sort, a spiritual practice. When I'm there I surely know I'm not alone..even if I'm with someone doing them...there is something bigger out there with us.

 This was done in my Collage Sketchbook which means just as much to me as creating it on the shoreline. I had a candle lite and quietly created with my lap top playing some flute music.

 And though this is not a stacking rock piece, it is in honor of the "Love of stacking"  I've toyed with this piece in a few Collage Sketches then to a 8 x 8 and to a larger effect in the next piece.

"Communication, R we really Listening" is a 36 x 36 collage on canvas...part of the life process I went through last never really knows what direction there to follow but when I stay aware and open....a flow of Good Orderly Direction can enter...The ability to co-create and ideas because it's in your heart...and you act on doesn't matter what or if it's the process that matters.

 When seeking some of my image to post this morning I came upon this one...My mother in law Eileen. She came up one year as I dropped off work at The Flying Pig, in Algoma WI. I got her up early one morning to come down to the shore line on the north side, in Sturgeon Bay to make one of the Stacking rocks...not sure if it effected her as much as it always effected me...I so relate to the Grandfathers...(rock people)

These are some older piece that I know I would revisit time and time again...there hanging on my Living room wall now above the big screen TV.   In a design sense the two apposing yellow shapes are consider a design no of having two areas or shapes instead of three or odd toys around with how we connect with makes you question or walk away... Inukshuk 1 
 Inukshuk 2                      
 Inukshuk 3                     
Inukshuk 4     
I used one big sheet of Grey stained tissue paper and a sheet of Kraft paper crinkled with the surface texture of gesso...then added yellow...they say know the rules of design then break them....and see what you come up with.  These came after I took a trip up with my cousin Doris and it was in October time I think...and cold, windy and rainy...the cloudy darker dusk skies on the point had me...

So as I drag this all out I'm in Awe of the inspiration that came in my morning pages...After a few page of blah...blah...blah....Oh I'm really glad I sent the email out to The Flying Pig and she got back to me and said Yes she would like my work up there again this year...but would like to see what I would be sending up first...and she hopes that this year we can get some sales for me....(sales happen when you least expect them)  after writing that in my morning pages I hear.... make a series of stacking rocks( continue writing).....Oh My Great I have time...Oh I'm working on an on-line class thing with my Mentor now and I have a Collage and Coptic Stitch workshop hopefully coming up...and all by the end of April I'm to have this new series ready??? and before that time come she wants to see something In about a week...of what I would be bring up....At this point I'm not fully aware of what is happening but I know these are wake up!!! 

Stuff like this always happens... for me it's not about the next New Techniques or Art form out there that has resurfaced for us all to try's ideas like this to Slam my back side and bump me awake...and then I want to drop every thing and react to it...act upon it and carry out the idea that is flooding my creative gates and spilling out of my spiritual side of connection...Make sense?....well it doesn't have to... 

Oh on so many fronts it's time to get serious in some serious play/co-creative time....moments like these are so RAW to me....Real Awesome and Whole...I question and doubt on the side of... can it be done?...can I do this all?...I know surely not alone...I do need help....that means I have to surrender to this all...and accept...and at night ask for's already been present...its just more real to me then ever before.

So making the choice to turn it over and say I'll try to do all that I can in on all these fronts...As this goes along sometimes I also question while I don't go out and have lunch more often or spend time with Gal pals.....well when ideas come at me like this....that means it time for some serious play time with my Good Orderly Direction...and to get prepared for no time to socialize....its take care of self, mind, body and soul....get busy in the moment and surrender and accept this help and guidance... 

Well got to go and clean up the the one oldest daughter is making Sunday breakfast and that is so great for us all here...but some how the dishes grow over night even though people do them?  I'll never understand it...but when you have 6 Roomies living together things have a way of piling up...I over look it and keep the flow going as much as I can....GOD it's great to be Live.

I also have to's been way too long since I'd been walking in the woods and I went yesterday and to what I need to...found my rhythm and communed with the Great Spirit awhile. 


  1. I always tell myself that it's better to have too many ideas than not enough, but sometimes I really wonder . . . :-)

  2. A good wonder in asking it is this a direction now one is to go's in motion...

  3. "Communication..." is a wonderful piece, Laura - it really resonates with me, as do the stacked rocks. I enjoy this type of ritual myself sometimes...


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