Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For the Last 20 days.....

I have to share this....for all of my life I've had image and weight issue.  But after connecting to a friend across the big waters, she shared what she's been doing and it's Whole30.  Now I've known that sugar and flour...heck all white stuff has been a demon to my body and I also known I've been chancing it around like a good drug... But since I read this and started doing with another dear friend in Georgia My whole body had reacted to it with new energy all day long...My veins in my legs have gone down. I am getting rid of the gut up front and shirt I put on are looser in the arm area.

I feel stronger and I know when to stop eating....I never had the knowledge of that on my own before...There is a lot more to this after a good 53 years of it or I should say 52...jumping the gun there.  Because this is how I was raised.   Well I'm still learning about it but in 20 day out of 30 I've never felt this way before not on any diet/program/ points thingy...etc.

My thinking is clearer and my brain isn't in a fog all the time and I don't feel like a slug...I really have tried to be the best me I could but didn't know I was slowly killing myself into a handful of disease.  This sounds harsh but our higher Ups as we think....are really feeding us this line of bull...that the way we eat is the best and it's really to just put $ in their pocket and then the side effect of all this so called food where to be eating, then needs some kind of drug to counter act the effects...so then someone else is getting the $ in their pockets....well I don't know a whole lot but I've always felt that I've been raked over and really I only have now to make a differences for myself.

Snow has passed and the sun it out....we will have a warm up here and something I know a whole lot of people will be enjoying...well I hope they see it that way instead of complaining about it... Really people.

OK off and out I go...Class today  

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