Saturday, February 08, 2014

Artists Date slipped in with business

 Name....completely for his name...but he's a mixed of Clydesdale and Appaloosa, he was separated from the Herd and pacing the corral and digging into the snow to the ground looking for food.  Not sure why.
 Here is the herd out in the main pasture, I had packed my lunch so sat in the Transit and listed to the Artists Way CD and ate my lunch...before heading to Elmhurst.

 The space at Elmhurst Art Museum I visited yesterday.  I like to go in a few weeks before I'm to present a workshop to chat about any of the find details...had some miss communications to clear up and now were are on the way to having a "Great Collage and Mixed Media Workshop"

Also did a quick count of the Electrical outlets for hair dryers and tack irons.


  1. Happy that Elmhurst has enough space for you! Sketching horses yet?

  2. I'm am too, No not sketching just cutting and tacking them...the need to sketch isn't calling...I'm more about observing and just being in there presences.


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