Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Art of Laying with Collage-Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery.

 Julia blasted out of the gates after lunch and had a great time with these piece.

 Barb jump right in when I said you could try doing three at the same time..which is fun, challenging and full a ton of choices...caution...nap required after doing this...

 Marge found here way in these three piece and took off with the shadowing and creating some nice depth with the collage papers and shaped area.

 Carol is all excited to be using some old ledger papers along with her own collage papers she made the other day.

 Lenice introduced her watercolor cast off back in to these collages and gave them a new life and a wonder direction...can't wait to see where there all head...

 Re, caught her smiling back in the corner here....working quietly. Some more great work.

 Barb's piece after I made the round she explored using white in the piece...I felt adding a air of Mystery to the whole piece and carried her yellow bird them.

Linda was not feeling well and Laureen was home being a good wife to her husband that just had surgery...we missed you both...it was too quiet...

This is my piece I finished from Demo last week...I had a list of word that I looked at before I started and the words that I picked out the bunch was Compassion, Connection, Encouragement, Grace, Influence, Love, and Strength.  I had forgotten I picked this words out still I hit a point where I was stumbling and then I white glazed it and then black/brown glazed it and then did a blotching method with a deli paper and pulled away some of the papers and things started to pop and I went with it...

See where I started from...

As you can see the piece has been turned  upside down now from this starting place. 


  1. that's all fantastic Laura!

  2. Didn't even recognize the demo piece, wasn't looking upside down. Turned out beautiful!

  3. Thanks Susi, and Doris with these kind of piece I often do turn them around a bit and then they take a life of their own...funny isn't it..upside down..now...truthfully it was actually Vertical when I started.


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