Friday, January 24, 2014

Truly Powerless....practicing Acceptance

This morning I woke up feeling a bit depressed...not sure what it was about but I'm so grateful to have a morning routine.   Coffee, vita's, dogs, and right to the morning pages....lots of questioning, what direction, kind of wandering spirit rambling going on......not bad but being in the uncertainty of the weather and the next couple of weeks.  I know not a good sign to be thinking weeks ahead...saps the life right out of you.. 

Spotting it and calling it by its name..."Expectations and Disappointment." Yesterday I ventured out to visit a potential spot to exhibit and also to see another exhibit of some collage/mixed media artists.   When I got to the place in Hoffman Estates...a bit of drive...(which was find... I listened to a book on CD) I was a slight be scared meeting this person but about 10:45 appointment was 11:00...walked into the place which is under construction, men working in there I asked them if the owner was but he comes and goes...OK thanks, I was just to meet him here at 11:00. It was cold so I left them working and went to the Hallmark store and looked around for a bit....Then came back at one showed, I went to my car and waited till about 11:20 and left.   Book on CD back in and headed to the next place... Got there to see the exhibit....silly me didn't check the time...well the exhibit was closed, couldn't get in but I peeked in the a glimpse of it. 

I replied to myself as I got into the Transit to head home... "well that didn't work out as planned and at least I got to listen to the book."

This morning I was sharing I was depressed in sorts or as I really need to call it, I was disappointed that the man I was to meet didn't show up, I was trying to be professional and serious about this and he blow me off...for what reason I don't know... After that... it was about Acceptance....time to put that word of the year into action...I don't like that it worked out this way but I can accept it and move on...I sent an email out and shared that I had stopped in at "the given time"  and how long I stated and also shared that we will not be a good fit and I said, I pass on it...short and simple....regrets...none. I need to be aware of were my artwork will hang and of the location and neighborhood....and to be kind and courteous and move on...  After writing about this all this morning I was able to move on and flood gates opened up when I went to the page you see about from the School Arts Magazine for Art Teacher grades K-12 and started to watch the Ted Talks  video's....Wow...knocks my socks off.. So excited to share this with you them as time allows...their all about 12 or so minutes long...

God's got a plan,  I don't know that plan but he's got one for me,  I know it and trust it and believe it and move forward on the next right thing today...

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  1. Sorry the day wasn't as expected. Have to take some time to listen to the Ted Talks links soon.


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