Saturday, January 18, 2014

Start up for the year....

Elevator speech.....

Hi I’m Laura Lein-Svencner, An Abstract Graphic Design Collage Artist and Instructor working with multitude of art mediums for the past 15 years... and just loving it.  

Start up for each year-$ 516.00-On-line and art business

Domain name-10.00
Web host-60.00
Email service-340.00 monthly 28.00
Extra image storage Google-36.00 monthly 3.00

Fine Art America- 30.00
Darien, IL Business license 40.00

That's just 1.41 a day to get things roll on line. 

I was curious what it is so I'm aware of my spending...and that's not including memberships to local and nation art groups... 

Memberships- $286.00    
National Collage Society 35.00
Midwest Collage Society 20.00
Chicago Artist Coalition   55.00
Elmhurst Artist's Guild    36.00
Naperville Art League     50.00 + 25.00 to have presence on their web site
Chicago Woman's Caucus of the Arts 65.00

  78 cents a day.... 

So far that's 2.19 a day....

Did I figure in any Health insurance? No don't have any myself just with the husband's now...
How about supplies to make the product I will be selling? 
Photographer, prints, framing...etc. 
Time at the computer...writing up proposals, contracts, class/workshop agenda's, pamphlet handouts,  invoices, email lists, accounting, etc...
Maintenance on vehicle, tires, oil, etc. 
Post cards and other marketing material banners, signs, flyers.  

Then there's the enter fees to be juried into show...30.00 here and 35.00 there? 
Booth fees,  250.00 to 450.00 on up
Not to mention any materials you will need to exhibit outdoors...tent, displays, security for you booth and tent so it doesn't blow away...etc. 

All this before you venture out in the big wide world of Art...
Oh I'm sure there is much more as of what is molded around the indiviual artist and what they are doing with the business. So now it's in my face where the money run it yearly.  And then to make a bit of profit....

And this is not including the time in the studio to create a piece of art...some artist are lucky to have "their People" to help them in different areas and Thank God for them...As I've got a couple of Techie people and My Web Ranger Gal, my oldest Daughter to help with the website and sorts...with the help of the family in so many small ways it's keep me going for about 15 years now...The goal this year is to keep it going....and still enjoy it...some of the same old stuff but with new...

I didn't want to sound sarcastic with this I mainly put it up there for myself....the visual kind of gal....So when some says what do you do for hobbies....I look like a deer in headlights...what do I do for hobbies...yikes...not time for that...but I do take time in the morning to journal write and I do take time for the woods and I do take time when weather permits to walk my dogs...I take time for my family, yard and home which seems to be what I need around me to keep things going, nothing to much just enough...not to big or to small... just right...  going to copy this and put with my year's good intentions and monthly goals. 

Also I think this came up for the trip into the city today for the Chicago Artist Coalition workshop on...20/20 business: Strategies and Models for Artists  I feel it's best to know where you stand now before you can take step further.  Fact is it's a job I was allowed to create with the support of family and the big man up stair.   


  1. Interesting. Love that you put it all out there. Helps your head to stay organized, I'm sure, and helps others to see what it takes, what's involved in living a creative life. Good snapshot.
    Glad you do what you do. Your artwork is fabulous and your business sense is an inspiration.

  2. Amazing when you put it all down on paper, isn't it? Whew! Yes, and some people wonder.....

  3. House decor and animals and gardening are all considered hobbies. They just seem like routine housework... and walking in the woods...

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