Saturday, January 25, 2014


Funny how things start connecting.   I had already thought of this some weeks ago when Carol had sent me some information in a email, out of the blue and with kindness,  And I thought,  now this gal has a good understanding of things and with the New Year and Good intentions sent out there might be something here.

The though rose again a few times afterwards in the morning pages and at the CAC workshop just recently. The presenters there didn't have time to go into anything about Mentorships...but their was that word again...and they gave hint that it was a great program the college offered too.

So I looked up Mentorship or should say Google it. "what is mentoring? this was the first thing I saw latched on to it.

"Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be." Eric Parsloe, The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring

Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is an effective way of helping people to progress in their careers and is becoming increasing popular as its potential is realized. It is a partnership between two people (mentor and mentee) normally working in a similar field or sharing similar experiences. It is a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.

A mentor is a guide who can help the mentee to find the right direction and who can help them to develop solutions to career issues. Mentors rely upon having had similar experiences to gain an empathy with the mentee and an understanding of their issues. Mentoring provides the mentee with an opportunity to think about career options and progress.

A mentor should help the mentee to believe in herself and boost her confidence. A mentor should ask questions and challenge, while providing guidance and encouragement. Mentoring allows the mentee to explore new ideas in confidence. It is a chance to look more closely at yourself, your issues, opportunities and what you want in life. Mentoring is about becoming more self aware, taking responsibility for your life and directing your life in the direction you decide, rather than leaving it to chance.

So now I have a mentor, I will introduce her,  Carol Leigh and she lives in Oregon she has a wealth of experience in photography, collage, mixed media, and a good understand of marketing and business sense in teaching and on-line classes. I would like to visit her state and see the coast line but first I've got to get 1 dream in motion.. "Small Steps" 

I'm not sure how it's all going to leave that to the higher ups and allow it to flow...but I do have my first assignment to work on and report back to her...I have to admit I almost was ready to do a creativity U turn on all this and let is set for another year....but picked up the phone right away I felt very connected and free to share at will with her, I call that a gift she brings to this whole experience.   

I have to share and I also told Carol this how the Mentorship experience is something "Old School"  but is coming back and I'm really glad to be part of some old wisdom ways. And it keeps us connected as it should be...

After hanging up the phone with Carol,  I was so giddy...I wanted and did jump around the house and said I have a mentor...I have a mentor....and one more time, "I have a mentor"  this is so cool...Crazy as it sounds, I need to activate that part in me a bit more dance around....So it was hard to center and focus but I need to get a start....told myself even if it gets covered over I need to put some paper down on that big canvas...been talking and preparing way...time to make it concrete....I had wanted to have something in this one corner, as a combination of color and textures...doing the gathering dance I found the font and enlarged on my scanner quietly got it coated with polymer to tack it down...You see there's this idea and then I've got to move aside and let the connection of the papers start with the words in the old book pages, which reads..."I took a great breath and plunge under-with open eyes. Light penetrated the surface."  I have to say the whole experience of not taking a creative U turn and picking a phone was how this all felt. Visions....God's got a plan....I know it....I trust it...and I believe it.  What else can I say?  

So on to the day....I'm part of a bigger whole with the community and other artist coming together to help the Darien Woman's Club judge a children's Art show...which was one that my children entered some time ago.. it's an annual event, and has me curious to know how long...I'll have to ask today. 


  1. I am honored! Let the games begin!

  2. So glad you have reached out and found the right person!


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