Sunday, January 12, 2014

Images from Collage and Coptic Stitch Journal Workshop....

 Right from the start I had everyone coating something with board for the covers or the own papers they brought in...As usually now it is sitting down in my classes or them hopping around.
 Serious students see I've got the whip I'm cracking in the back ground and you don't see that...No really I do keep them moving forward...
 After book covers and paper were dried with a nice coat of polymer on both sides, we moved into collaging the covers with the tack iron method of fusing the paper to the surface...nice way to do it not wet glue to wait to dry.

 Marge and April here...getting the last minute piece on before the wait in line at the tack iron....

 I only have photos of morning a bit busy in the afternoon as I was going around to each person...

 Nancy has a good front and back cover started with some really cool collage papers.

Here are 10 of the 14 collaged, coptic stitched journals...all 6 x 9 and ready to write in...I honestly didn't know if would be able to finish and sew all 5 signature and complete...My head was in a fog at this part of the planning I hoped it would be...and I have to give it to the student's here...they dug deep in and focused and accomplished this amazing feat....and then didn't fuss one bit....really troopers.  


  1. Enjoyed the day so much! You did a lot of hopping around yourself, helping everyone...and yes, we were determined to do this! Didn't even see you taking pictures! Great instructions! to write in my new book!

  2. These are great Laura!

  3. Cuantos hermosos trabajos,se ven todas muy concentradas,seguro han disfrutado del taller!

  4. all are great - you can be proud Laura... fabulous teacher!

  5. thanks all, I'm proud for all of I shared this was really challenging and gets a bit confusing but the covers went on and knots were tied and everyone walked away with their journal complete...Long day but a good long day.

  6. Looks like a great workshop! So much focus!


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