Thursday, December 05, 2013

Where to?

Two years ago Randy, my husband was in the hospital and thankful come out and home to recovery from legionnaires disease.  The line of work he's in Sewer and Water construction, it's amazing that he hasn't caught this long ago but it was a scary year...Well why I bring it up is this I was offered an opportunity exhibit in the One of a Kind Show in October two years ago so I worked my fanny off...funny thing is the fanny didn't stay off but anyways...then Randy was hospitalized and I didn't know what to do as of should I still exhibit or let that all go...well he got better came home and all was well for me to exhibit....and he even came up there to see me with our second oldest daughter Maddie...that was a very heart wrenching year.

I've not go back into the show...there is a lot an artist needs to put up from to be in a show like this and with guarantees that you will make ends meet at the end or come back with a little profit.

Well I'm going back to be an observer today, going to support a few artists I know that are in it this year and for what ever reason I'm going to fill the well.

So off to do yoga, shower and hit the road...opening time is 11:00 am.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful time!

  2. Oh my gosh much to see, I may go back with Stevie on Sunday...I've got a better ideas of what's happening and what I would like to see and Sunday afternoon it kind of slows down some what.


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