Sunday, December 08, 2013

Where should I start.....?

 A tool for cleaning computer key boards...or.... used to create gestural lines in acrylic paints and mixed media.

 So in my last class we used the Shaper tool...and that you can order on line from blick art materials or for something that is similar...head to The Container Store and look for this gadget in the center section of the store for stocking stuffer stuff.  So funny when I see gadgets like this it's never for what it's intended for. I see it used for a shaper too.

 Do you see the red seeping through the thin green layer of acrylic paint in the center of this collage, Well the swirls of lines are created with the shaper tool. They have shaper tool for Encaustic mediums now but I use mine with acrylics.

 So moving on....yesterday while sitting at the kitchen table listening to a sad soul...being a good support for him and what he's going through I see a flash and then a scatter of little winged ones. Then there's this handsome fella or beautiful lady sitting on our patio table.   I believe it's a Copper Hawk but looks like a Sharp shinned Hawk too. So close in resemblance. but I would bet a Copper for the area, I think the Sharpshines are in different areas.

So there is sawdust flying all over in the garage....the Most Interesting Man can build bookbinding cradles faster then the tree can grow the had to make something up for him...what a sweetie...he's having some fun instead of fixing computers and cars nice to be doing some inside creative work...he's making 16 of them and 12 will be for my classes that I can take with me so student can use them in the workshop...the others we've not decided yet what to do.

Well breakfast with the family this morning which is become a nice new tradition for us being no one is every around for dinner and we are rotating who's cooking it... so it will be great for them to see what it's like to cook for a group and for their family and the laughter around the table is such a blessing. I'm savoring it.

off to One of a Kind show with oldest daughter today.....should be good she's one of many of our artistic ones.


  1. a great tool.. I have a set of silicon brushes.. one with a pointy end .. one is a kind of scrapper ..
    I bought them many years ago for ceramic painting...but not used much.. just a few times to make marks in gesso and to put acrylic color on fine rubberstamps to print .
    have to try this to use like you do .. amazing collolage! thank you for the tip Laura!
    Have a good new week.

  2. Ooooooooo like that tool! And.....can't wait for the workshop!

  3. Love the effect the tool makes! Neat that cooper hawk visiting, does that have different meaning than red tail?


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