Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Of service today

I've been getting this nudges lately that I'm going to be called to service and I mean service of caregiving and help neighbors etc.   Well that's come about, as my neighbor behind me is 84 and needs to have her other eye taken care of and she called me last night in such a scare as the taxi driver can not drive her home and her son has no license at this time so she is in need of help.  My husband helps her with advice about should she buy a new furnace or not and other things like what would be a good roofer and he'll hop the fence to light her pilot light on her old furnace. He plows her driveway for free too.

Our other Neighbor dear friend is helping out the other neighbor on the other side of him with her chimney as it was almost was going to fall off, crazy I know but she's been working part time for two years and is on food stamps to make it.   Ouch...

I read awhile back that in order for us to make it going through the health changes and our economy we are going to have to do more of this...which people like my 84 year old neighbor knows all to well about...it was a way of life.   it's terrible that it's so hard on some but then it's a blessing that here are others that can help those and in the big picture it's a community of people that make it worth it...we need others more so then every before.

Well beside lending a hand there is self care too that musten' get lost in this all so off to do that and then be ready to check things off the list and be of service today...my heart goes out to her as she's barely a feather that can be blown away by the wind these day...

Just have to share...my heart is being tugged and words are circling and nudges of awareness are my lead.


  1. So glad you were there for her!

  2. Community and helping hands, not words we hear a lot of but so desperately needed. Truly it's time to 'see' with different eyes. Appreciate your post, have a wonderful Holiday!

    1. Thanks, done my job for now...I'm aware and keep on eye on her...she does have family so don't want to cross the line.


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