Sunday, November 03, 2013

Stacking Rocks....

 Made it to North Port, the tip of Door County on the shoreline of Lake Michigan WI. And my black bag with  camera, sketchbook, umbrella, small supply bag of art materials and my husband folding chair he uses when he goes on his motorcycle rides.

 All day it was drizzling and didn't know if I would be able to do this small plan/date, I had a few more stops to make before I got to the point.  It was 4:00 pm and starting to get dark.  I felt very adventures and some what unsure how it would all turn out.  But I walked the shoreline which is a bed of crushed shells.  Last time I did this with my oldest daughter and cousin the shoreline was bigger.  Not sure if that's the word but there were more rocks to pick from to stack.  The water level is higher so I worked with what was there and not embedded into the sand/shell shore. 

 This morning, as you can see I have some smooth stones from little beach area I am locked into going each time I'm up here( I just have to stop)...I see though there are more signs up to let you know you really shouldn't be there.....but I slipped in and gather just a few for my morning time. Said a quiet thank you and was on my way.

My sketch is very sketchy. I had to be quick like about it because it started raining again and the winds started to kick up. Lucky I brought the Umbrella.  Shot a quick little video got my sketch in and then the top rocks were just barely balancing and toppled over. (morning candle light has given this sketch a nice blurring warm feeling.)

Well time to continue this experience with a little yoga(brought my CD with) and then maybe a walk outside and make the choice of go home or explore a bit more before I have to really go work Monday more. Really excited to share this all with the Artists Way Class though. Got enough artists dates for a few months in one weekend.


  1. Must have been adrenaline rush in that windy weather!

  2. It was very giddy moment...felt like a child really experiencing the moment.

  3. Oh my gosh, thanks so much for sharing this little bit of heaven. I missed going there so much this year...


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