Friday, November 29, 2013

Reflections of Thanksgiving

I'm up this morning watching the birds at the feeder and the squirrels underneath snatching the bits of corn and cracked seeds.  Sharing conversation with the Husband and my oldest about how everything went yesterday.  This year as most I would start a couple weeks in advance with cleaning cutter and making the list of what needed to be done...Even the windows to be washed.  Each day doing one thing to progress to the day of gathering and a huge feast.  I normally fretted about something but this year I let it being with me and made some changes with my approach on it...though I didn't sleep well the night before I did make some changes.   Everyone in the home knows the house needs to be clean and past years all my young adults that I had hope would help me were working or finishing up finals and their minds and bodies just weren't there. But not this year,  I asked and let them be with their jobs and totally in everyone pitched in and I think I didn't micro-manage to know that can happen...Oops you missed under there...I think I did do that once and realized with the help of a nudge from daughter that I best get going and get out...what can I say it's a good spot to be in where you realize that you do that now and then and people can hint you need to stop back away from the whole business and let them do what you asked. 

There was a calmness and something different this year...even in how things worked with the food coming out of the oven and staying warm.  Though I tried to keep it close...I kind of let go of perfect well I thought I did but more about letting it be and it will all work out and it mind set needed to be tweaked just a small bit but there you go.

Everyone was here and Aunt Missy led us in a prayer...though we all had to stand around in the kitchen in the utility room and down the kitchen to the back door but we did it all 26 of us and it was beautiful.  

There was enough leftovers for everyone one to take something home and they did, which was great for them... Happy to pass on some leftovers,  I know I love a good turkey sandwich the next day. Good conversation and lots of warmth and so so full bellies.   So much so I'm pledging not to eat at all today...I know that will not be possible but I'm still feeling full.

This was the best Thanksgiving ever for me as the host and that was because I had big major help and it was from the family...I didn't beg or nag...I asked and let it be and everyone showed up to the jobs they need to  and did them with pride and pleasure to be part of a family event.  That I'm so thankful and proud of my kids...not that they never would have helped it's just that they are adults now and I seen that more so then ever this year by their actions.

Off to do what ever today and slip in an artists date some where....I'm not a Black Friday shopper so what can I say.....I'm a bit different in my approach.

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