Thursday, November 14, 2013

My rock I picked said " You"

Been having some back and leg pains and I knew they would everything else around there. but in the morning I do my journal writing or Morning pages and I had thought about the gift of really taking care of I spent some extra time with that and the idea of seeing the horse again came...

Morning pages done then up to the studio to coat 10 8 x 8 wood panels with polymer medium...getting ready for a holiday show soon, and then in to yoga...with my back and legs the yoga feels so good. 

Didn't do my job of dog walking mainly had to be in to many place go... I then gave the wood panels the second coat of polymer, mainly when I fuse the collage on that I've made I want to make sure there's a good solid layer of polymer on there.  

Got dress and head out the door to Aurora... to drop off my Brown paper bag project,

I ended up putting the foam core on the back in the center and a wire through it so that the bag can hang up next to the wall flush...Then chatted about having a time slot to exhibit for a month..."If These Wall Could Talk" Frame shop and Gallery....really in a nice location easy to get to and a great space a show and good price for framing too.
I quickly went to Danada Equestrian Stables to just take a peek at the horses. It was on the way back to my neck of the woods.  They have the winter coat coming on and I saw Captian Morgan...he's still having some relationship issue.. just trying to find his spot in the was cold and windy but well worth filling my well with a quick artist date hang out long the fence line.   Then the Stable crew there had the one gate open and they were really running around the pasture...back and forth just getting some good running exercise going...I heard they four legged ones there need to watch the weight thing too as they don't have daily riders there so then need to adjust the food and more exercise.  Nothing like watching them run and to feel the hoofs hit the powerful.
So now at this point my face was pretty cold..time to go, had a meeting to go to and need to head out and stop and get some thing for lunch. Went to whole foods where my daughter works in Wheaton and got some grilled veggies and roasted beets and some Grapefruit all cut nice ready to eat...Don't ask me why but Grapefruit is appealing to me lately and good Vitamin  C.
Back to the "You" stone I picked out of the bowl.   it amazing me how I do but don't think about's always in relationship to the job or home job I have to do.  But treating myself better time, quiet time, the foods I put into my body the time for's always being rushed.  Some work needs to be done there...
By the evening I sat down and did some simple collage sketching...I've not done that in along time...last time I did that in my little sketch book was at the Naperville Woman's Club art fair.  it's time to do that fill the book with some sketches.
 Here is my horse one...thinking of another piece soon...I know I talk about it time is coming and then I took the papers and created another one...usually I tell everyone that you take ten pages out of a magazine...I prefer Nat. Geo's myself for the full photo images and the art magazine for the color. then I give myself a half hour and see what happens.

 the first one here is one piece of paper but using the torn edges to break it up see what you can get.  Then I went way out there and scratched up the black paper with scissors and let it happen on the sketch.  I feel that you need to make and practice making some crappy sketch...keeps me ground and human and helps me let go of the Illusion every things I touch is gold or's not going to be...what is going to be is the fact of process doing showing up and doing and letting go of the need to complete a perfect piece of art...I like the act of tearing and gluing and placement some time more.
It's call practice and that we don't do enough of..

 And this last one, I'm enjoy the space between all of this the openness there...I seem to not do that in my other I might want to try it out.   I do love the long stick thing too I know I use that a lot in my other works. why I don't know but I like it...some day I'll figure it out.
Well a good "You" kind of day.


  1. that bag! The veggies and grapefruit sound wonderful! and love love love seeing your sketchbook!

  2. I need more time with sketchbook, off of the problematic projects...

  3. No Excuses you up and let the rest be what it may...easier said then done right.


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