Saturday, October 12, 2013

What goes out... comes around....Karma

Your life is a fertile field in which you  can plant any seed you wish, creating a harvest of your own design. 

Karma, Obaa-san shares.... Starting today, choose to plant seeds that will grow into your truest dreams. Choose every action wisely, or the harvest you reap will with out fail match the seeds you plant.

The concept of Karma, or law of cause and effect. Not unique to the realm of Wabi Sabi, karma is an ancient word for "action" meaning that our actions determine our circumstances. 

Example: we heard when we were younger, Don't eat to much candy or you'll get an upset stomach, our parents would warn us.

As children we learn the basic law of causality. As we mature, we come to view cause and effect in a even broader, less immediate way. We've all heard the expression, "you reap what you sow" Do unto others as you would have done unto you."  What goes around comes around. As these sayings imply, every thought we think, every word we speak, and every act we carry out generates ripples of Universal energy, producing effects that will return to us in kind.  The key to creating the karma we desire, then is to tailor these effects by choosing wisely among our thoughts, words and deeds.

When I do good, I feel good, when I do bad I feel bad. And that's my religion. -Abraham Lincoln

Desires motivate action, Obaa-san shares, "Every one of our actions is rooted in this desire or that. By willfully direction our desires, we can choose the exact harvest we wish to reap-joy over sorrow, creativity over habit, freedom over limitation.

The flow of destiny is ours to change.

Many of us, unfortunately, don't realize the power we hold over our desires. In time certain desires repeatedly compel us to perform specific actions, and those actions in turn trigger specific responses from our environment. As we become comfortable with predictable cycles of actions and reactions we settle in to patterns. Herein lies a karma danger zone, for once a pattern of behavior develops, our actions move from the conscious realm to the subconscious habits.

When we give up any part of our lives to a subconscious habit, a piece of our future falls behind us. that is because our subconscious habits are ingrained patterns of behavior echoes of our past. And since the past can never change, and aspect of our lives controlled by subconscious habits will never change. Stuck in this karma rut, our past is bound to repeat itself in our future.  We can break this cycle only by becoming consciously aware of the decisions we make at every moment.

Every action is a choice-everything we think, say or do is preceded by a decision about what to think say or do. 

Obaa-san shares, by consciously controlling our moment to moment decisions, we become the masters of our actions. As master of our actions, we become the masters of our destiny.

As short story....some gang type fellow were causing a ruckus, and one bumped in to Obaa-san at the market and start to share some choice words and blame, Obaa-san responded with Thank you, and the thank you was a way to say a little prayer of appreciation to the suffering man, to myself, to the Universe, for giving me an opportunity to change a bit of my karma.  "Who knows how or why, but my karma led me to be involved in those unpleasant circumstances today. I could have decided to be insulted or angry but I wanted that karmic scene to be finished. I wanted it to end there and never come back to me again.   So I decided to break the cycle by accepting responsibility for my role in it and say "thank you" for the change to clear my karmic slate.

Think how people would react if, when they were rude to you, you responded with compassion, or when they were thoughtless and self-centered, you were kind, Remember, it has less to do with others and more to do with you. You are the one planting karmic seeds in your life, after all, and no one else.

They themselves are makers of themselves-James Allen

People are like stained windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their beauty is revealed only by the light from within.-Elisabeth Kuhler Ross.

Personal I ramble on and type this up like a book report of the things that I find most interesting for me it is a way for me to working on comprehending what I read...I can read but it doesn't seem to sink of my areas of difficult.  So I take notes like this.  Selfish I know but the blog has become a place for me to make progress with my writing abilities etc.  Now catch me in face to face and I've got a garbly guk of words trying to come out most times...

So today I woke up early...going through a hormone adjustment again...could sleep wide awake at 2:30 am....I haven't had nights like this for a good few weeks...sleep is so important to keep a balance with life.  So I tolerate this all because a reminder is "this too shall pass" and it does. 

I'm heading into the city today to the Chicago Artist Coalition program from 11-3pm, (note pack some apples)  The program is " knowing your market and trying to reach them"  hoping to pick up some pointers....I'll be practicing the karma thing on the drive in...thanking people for cutting me off and doing stupid stuff so when I accidentally do that some one can forgive me...Because God knows, I have moments like that....

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  1. Thank you, Laura...boy did I need that this week. And I, like you, always have to take notes when I read.


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