Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jumping with joy in side.

This is when I need the morning pages....I got news that my Class allotment of 24 has been filled at the Illinois Art Educations Conference Next Friday, it's only a 1 and 45 minute crash course in Collaging and with the tack iron and such...which I've been coating papers half way and preparing for this...still need to get a few more things and then make the packets and write up instructional stuff, blah...blah...blah.

With this news I've also heard from Mayslake and I've got a good group signed up so that's so Exciting Artist Way @ Mayslake Peabody Estate....and I'm teaching my class at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery.  So if I had to do it all in one day I'd be freaking out....I forget to stop and breath with information coming in like it has.  My silly immature mind.

Break things down to manageable sizes.   I do want to get my Horse piece done and work on my class project today...but so far things are being changed as I type this out...going to throw it into the wind to see what happens and what gets done...Because I may sneak in a trip to the Stables to see the horse there...wonder what the white Mare is up to.   But I'm Excited to be teaching all these things to make sure I keep my act together though...seem as I'm going through all this menopause stuff I can't handle to much all at once as did before...You know like  juggling or spinning the plates in a silly circus act. What ever made me think that...guess I just kept pushing myself again and again think I can do this...

Now to get dressed early here Yoga will have to wait and take my oldest to the train with her friend who is also a sign maker for Whole Foods...they have a National get together  in the city for Whole Foods Sign makers... Kind of cool.


  1. Hoo ha! I'm enjoying your excitement. Rock on, madam!

  2. Thanks to do the gathering and behind the scene sort of stuff for this all...busting a move on it...


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