Friday, October 18, 2013

Close up and 3rd Friday...

Boyfriend pants, peddle jumpers, clam diggers, floods, Ankle length, slim jeans, flash back from the 50's some how style/life repeats itself in every color this year, like a Rainbow.

Go Ahead Just Ask the Question
36 x 36 Collage on Canvas,

This is one of my pieces that I would say I surrender to, one that I totally allow my dailiness to influence the outcome.  At the time I was starting this piece on the news the talk about same sex marriages and getting them passed was the message being spread.  I'm not exactly sure what the details where that went on....I listened and then brought it into my heart and trusted the gut on what I believe about this world.(with a slight attitude at best expressed here)  I also was going through a exploratory moment where I wanted to expand even more in the unknown of my art making and process. Taking from a small sketchbook,

My reference sketch for the piece above,  a few pieces of magazine a glue stick and then brought in some of my traveling watercolors and colored pencils...their the tiniest things to use...but they work for the less is more thing when I travel around. Any ways...blah..blah...blah. The real need to express the humanness in line gestural marks is really so strong these days, I wonder if it's from all the texting we're doing and the absence of the written word...well what ever it is, us humans still need to leave our mark,  I'm having a great time with it. 

Spring boarding from my own sketch as a starting point and then allowing the space to be what it is when it comes to a larger format is and was the goal on this piece.   Little did I know that I really opened up on it I'm sure you can see, Letting go of the meaning of "perfect" and letting the imperfect be perfect in what was stretched in this piece...

How can I say this but to do it....I'm blessed to be able to create, express, still though not know what for and where it's going...but to be present in it while it happens.

Tonight I will be heading into the city to be part the 10th Anniversary Celebration for 4Art Inc. and to take part in exhibiting the collage above and the excitement of all the expressive exhibits going on this weekend in the Zhou B Art Center and Bridgeport area.   Always scared about driving in the city at night but I think the excitement of the event will over shadow that so I won't even feel it.

Tonight...1029 W. 35th Street Chicago, IL. 6pm-10pm 

Join us if you want to fill you well with culture....there sure will be an over spillage of it there tonight plenty for everyone to see, hear and feel.


  1. I am feeling that blessing of having an joyous outlet for my Creative Spirit these days as well. I think it is a special time for artist...
    ENjoy the celebration, Awesome One !

  2. Oh to listen from with in, and with heart!


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