Friday, September 27, 2013

Arts Alive Program in Addison IL

 as usually I forgot my camera but had my cell phone...didn't want to bring it in to school... with restriction they have but I turned the photo on Mute so if I did get a call it would ring...which I hardly every do get calls, mainly from my family. But this would be the day that would happens if ever. 

Nice class size, they had predicted I would have 19 but there were a few no I think 14 where in the call but prepared for 20 just in case.
 This table had 5 girls sitting together so you can see the space they had was a bit crunched in but they didn't seem to mind.   All the papers you see here they made Wednesday. I had pre-coated them on the back side...put an black magic marker x on them so they would be able to tell easier.
Then I continually learn about time and projects that there was not any time left after two hours to coat the fronts.   I was prepared but out timing didn't work... so took them home and yesterday morning I spent the morning coating them...had to keep the baggie with their name on close by so I didn't lose their papers.. Lots of behind the scene kind of work going on for this project to work.

 I wasn't with the student long enough to learn their names but that didn't stop us from jumping right. 

 The day before I had them hopping too, one thing on to the next and they follow right a long and created some great papers.  As I was coating them I was thinking, "Oh I like that one and that one and this one would look good with that one over's what happens when I coat the papers I start the process of building the palette of for a piece with out knowing it..

 As some of them were a bit faster at it I was able to cut down a few watercolor substrates and make them in to artist trading cards for them...they enjoyed making small ones too.

 One of the tacking station..."hanging out at the iron, waiting their turn.

She was a speedy one and almost finished her collage assemblage before I finished my demo with them...most of the students were 6th and 7th grader but a few were 8th graders.
                              We laid them all out on the one end of the table so look at them.
                                   Proud Collage Artists at Addison Indian Trail Jr. High.

Now to put supplies away and do some food shopping today for the family and clean up...parents are coming over for Breakfast tomorrow morning want to make a nice breakfast for them... and the family. Always creating something right?

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