Monday, August 12, 2013

Round Dance and not workshop this week

Yesterday about 11:00 we headed out to Peotone IL to the 57th O San Wan Mascontin Society Pow Wow. It was a light year I think not many people there at all. But it's still a beautiful thing to see and listen to.  Had to have some fried bread with cherries on it and whip cream...totally not on the eating program but it was wonderful.  My daughter and her friend with her 4 month old son came to.  Little Logan enjoyed the sounds of the drum and seeing all the activity. Kind of cool to see how he interacted to it all.  Come to find out Logan has a bit of Native American in him from his father's and Grandmother side.  So kind of cool that Ellen brought him to the Pow Wow.  Start him young.
I'm a bit bummed out that there isn't going to be a Collage Workshop at LaGrange this week, but I can always turn things around and look at the plus side of I have all week to really apply my energies to purging...I so want that room and other areas all clean out now and impatience with myself. Been working with myself far to long and when I want something done I usually get on it and get it done but this projects going to take a bit longer. The hardest part is I also want to create some new papers for a new series but that's going to have to hold up too...Feel like a bit of a "We folk going have a fit" because she's not getting or having it her way. As I shake my head at this...silly girl.
It will all work out in the end I tell myself. I really want to open up the space as of the purging so possible I could have people come over and work in my studio with me or teach some small classes from the home...Yes that ideas came to me a few days go with all the purging I could do that...and so the fire is under the butt to get it all done. Patience with myself...
We are also watching my mother in law's dog this week as they are all going down to Georgia to watch Kyle graduate from ROCT this summer, He's got one more year of High school and then he's in the Army. This is a dream of his he's had for some time now. The whole family is proud of him.
Well off to get the morning going as Creative Art Journal Class is this morning..

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