Friday, August 16, 2013

Loads of stuff and more stuff.....

 So I pull this out and question what is it? 

 then I pull the handle on the drawer thinking I'm going to see some darts...thought it was a Dart board set.
 Open the top and see this then I pull the wooden piece out and.....(see the red dots in the back ground, second package I'm into...went through 1000 all ready)

 it becomes a stand....
 Go back to the front and say to myself...where the heck to did I get this from?   No really I can't remember this at all. Some times I know I'm not in the moment and I'm off thinking of things in preparation for three days from now so not remembering where I got this from is wild and I'm so happy I gathered this up...what a great surface to work off of...but I will cover that wood table top with some paper.  Show the husband  and he said it was hand made and done well...of course a few modifications he would make but still all and all it's really cool. "Found treasures" 

 Ok now that I have a Ipod and use that all the time I have these CD's and some old cassettes too and the CD holder I went through yesterday and marked for 10 cents to 50 cents...

 Small box on top of the larger box of handmade papers in packages....

 Small box on the larger box all package in 50 cent bags...this is the way to do it... prepare and get it ready instead of dumping it out and having to price it going through stuff it will make it lots easier later.
 a  bit blurry picture here but I had purchase a while back a box of player piano rolls from another artist and now I've gone through can not use it all and I've snagged about half but the rest will be ready for the RED DOT section of the Studio Flip.

 Took a break and went out to the local Target and purchased some wider plastic drawer for my reference transparency and quick paper stuff I use and then used the old one for other great tools I might need while creating.

This section of the studio is stacked up already and the space is not getting any bigger yet but when I move it out....can't wait I'll have one should trap themselves need room and that's what my studio space was feeling like...a big trap.

Today I finish up going through things and try to restack a few other things because next it will be looking at the art inventory and making choices there as of what to take out of frames and what not to and where it goes from there. I share the meditation below because I feel that it's how to approach all of life...bit by bit.. cleaning this studio space to creating a piece of art...the process really does matter and that's my favorite part to be in...the process.  all the great treasure you find along the way.

Elder's Meditation of the Day - August 16
"The best teachers have shown me that things have to be done bit by bit. Nothing that means anything happens quickly - we only think it does."
-- Joseph Bruchac, ABENAKI
There are no short cuts. Every tree must grow according to the growth plan of the Creator. Every flower must grow according to the plan of God. The moon must make its trip around the earth according to God's plan. Every human being must grow according to the plan of the Creator. Sometimes we look at ourselves and we think we are not growing but we are always growing. Because we cannot see it with our mind does not mean it is not happening. We must be patient with ourselves and let the Creator direct our growth.
My Creator, let me be patient. Let me realize that You are in charge of all things. Let me realize that I must grow my roots a little at a time to become strong.

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  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    This is so inspirational as to what we all must do and we procrastinate til we are buried and can hardly move.Thanks Laura.


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