Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Keeping the Drama on the pages

 We Drama was the word this morning over coffee before the husband headed out to work and me plucking away here on the keys before I tend to myself and head up to the studio...you see all these frames. I've got 60 of them in different sizes and almost have glass. Highest price will be $10.00 for the handmade ones I made  with glass...gives you an idea of where I'm going with this Studio Flip and the red dots...do you see the red dots?   as I said awhile back I bought over 1000 of them in packet and I'm eating away at them...
 Books got 5 boxes here and one more up stairs...hard cover will be $5.00 and then soft $2.50 and then there's magazines too....haven't figured a price yet for those but not going to be expensive for sure...like I said this is a studio flip...my goal is to change it around but I have to much in there to work around and time to go...and let go of things.

Back of the postcard...so you might see this coming to you soon...
Creative Art Journal Class yesterday

 Found these awesome office supplies...reinforcement rings and I've been having a ball with them...here I showed using them just as is then creating them in to a stencil so to speak with the spatula I gave everyone you spread on the gesso through the holes and create that repeated effect...which then can be used with any stencil you find...just wash that gesso off the stencil quickly or it will be on there for good.  might want to keep a bucket of water around.  Then as you can see I had the left over backing paper the sticky rings were on and used that too.    I responded to what is there and reacted on it. Where can you do that in life?...but on the page, canvas or paper...isn't is grand.

 I had an old slide mount and passed that out to everyone to use if they wanted and then we created the shape tunnel effect with the cut out of the square repeat on a few pages and altered the shape space on the page to create some movement..

 Getting down to the last page...I used the inside of the slide mount for a stencil and cut a hole out..as you can see an image can peek throw.
 Now this is the packing tape image transfer...remember those...goes I feel like I'm reverting back to old school mixed media days when I started out with the altered books...(so much fun so dabbling back into it now and anything goes for the pages before you writing on them)

 I used a house shape and show them out to cut that out...now the pages will have another layer over the words...I look at this as the history I'm creating...the book itself then the way I use the book as of cut outs tipping it or doing nothing but spread some white paint or gesso to push the words back and then more can build on there much as our lives have done.

 As I turned the page the idea popped into my head and use the inner shape from the slide mount and cut the long rectangles down the pages...response to what is. again where can you do that with out getting into trouble.

I know this is way out there to the response thoughts but hear me out....as we go about our days there are moments when I first reaction might be to tell someone off for the behavior they have done to us or someone else but we don't react to the first response because if we are thinking maturely we might have a repercussion to that...Well in art or the creative process I think revisiting the child in us is response with the first reaction and learning to go with it and trust it is an new act to follow and we make adjustment along the way but  again having a place to be allow to do this with out major repercussion is Awesome and being an adult and tapping on to that now is double awesome...and it's simple called Play...have you played today?

So I receive a subscription to SchoolArts magazine...and low and behold is a article about high school student doing just that...Triple Awesome....what can I say connections and good orderly directions are in play. 

Ok about the drama....as I said before keep it on the page, canvas or paper instead of creating it outside the walls...


  1. I was intrigued by the idea of using page reinforcement rings from what I saw in your one day workshop in Door County, and have been playing with them this week. They are very versatile!

  2. Have I told you lately how wonderful you are to share all this information? No? Well, today I'm telling you!

  3. Funny how the simplest things can give us pleasure..who would think reinforcement rings...If I could have spelled that early I would have, thanks Sherry.

    And thank you Carol for you dear comment.


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