Thursday, June 27, 2013

In Process, 32 years and happy looking forward to more

Been working on the next part of assemblage with the violin.  I had to cut the hole and build the box.  I used balsa wood because its a small box and will house some glass bottles that are small and light.
You can see the two piece on the bottom of the box here I need that to help hole the box in place.  The violin wood is very thin so I have to be careful not to crack it.. but the last one I assembled on cracked but that crack added character to it and became a great feature. What woods are violins made from?  good question, I  know I had to ask found this out. Violin's
But the support on the bottom are there to hole the box steady too because of the bow of the back side of the violin.

Before I put the box in place I will be covering it with old sheet music and I want to make sure the box is flush with the surfaces so a little more trimming and sanding needs to be done. And then comes time to give the whole piece some personal character and sand her down and then build her back out with a new Steampunk look.   I'm trusting my gut and I think I need to find some small white dried flowers for inside the bottles.  So I'll be on the hunt for that.

So on a different note:
See this fan...well I purchased it yesterday for myself because I have these things called HOT FLASHES and boy are they becoming a bit intense,  so along with treating myself well last week I continue on into this week and Hit the local Chinese Rest. GunHo and about two...Ten Dollar's she says at the counter and off I go...Plastic but fancy and does the job...soon they will pass but it feels better to use this then the cardboard box glued to a paint stick I was using..

and small bit of is 32 years of marriage to the most interesting man in the world.

Brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart well up to my throat...We've been through hell and back...and still going steady. 

This was our last truck we purchased...didn't doing anything with it had for a few years and then sold need funds it's how it goes right? well its what we had to do sorry to see them go.

These two pictures are of our first 54 Chevy pickup truck...I remember how it was decorated with work boots hanging off the back end...He's been working construction all his life. Oh the love runs deep. To many more years with this man...Love you honey!


  1. Congratulations on your 32 years together! And I've found fans very helpful with the hideous symptom you mention. . . at least they're pretty!

  2. I wave my fan proudly..


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