Thursday, May 30, 2013

No more plants...I have no more room and other rambles

Well thought the laptop was a goner. As of it was doing some funky things and just won't start up right and kind of freeze in place and I got to watch the blue circle spin and spin.  Then there were moments it worked find. But the Husband gave a look at it and there you have it working great now.

We think a big up date happens and it was when the storm came through the other night and the lap top is hooked up so things got kind of skewed and miscommunication and you have now computer. Thought I was a goner too as I've got some thing to work on for a up and coming class and needed all my stuff in my files..though I do back things up for cases like this it was a bit of panic to think all of gone or not able to get to.

Sold a tack down piece yesterday from a few weeks ago so I'll be heading out today to ship that to Florida. And cut the lawn before the next rain come sure is a great spring with the rain, didn't know I would be planting so much and my garden is really taking off..Spinach for Everyone!!

It's all good I do have a few old metal chairs I could spray paint today too being the winds aren't to bad.

I'm sitting out side final around the patio here and get to witness the Red Wing Black bird displaying his beautiful colors to a female.  So orange and yellow, his should bands are.

Well seem the yard is my canvas theses days I'll be really going crazy when it all takes. I keep telling myself now more planting only weeding now..but people keep giving me stuff and I can't refuse so I find more little places to tuck a bulb or small plant in.

I've got to work on cooking up some plants this weekend and getting those ready for next weekend. Got two 5 gallon buckets of Abaca coming in for the Midwest Collage Society that is coming over on June 8th as if the weather works in our favor...if not then June 23rd will be the next date.

So time to bust a move and get going on a few things..My nephew is leaving for ROTC training this summer and the cousins are giving a going away party at my mother in laws tonight so this should be a good time for all.

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