Saturday, May 25, 2013

just some rambles...

Well I worked the Gallery yesterday and did no framing but I helped people coming in to the art league pick up their art work and answered phones and made some phone calls to help out. No actually framing was done.  I was asked if I wanted to come back, things worked smoother when I was there I was told...well that's nice to hear but No. I don't want to go back...moving forward but not always sure where but moving forward.  The uncertainty of needing to or thinking I need to make an income from my art and skills pushes me forward to be creative with it and have some fun.

So I heard back from Suburban Art Walk, I'm accepted for the One day event, (tooting horn) last year I want the best in show which was a total surprise...don't expect it this year just doing it so help advertise my art and classes and workshop. 

And then I'm working on the possibility to do the Artists Way in person with a group of people that would like to sign up...dates are being worked out but it's a big commitment...don't want to scare anyone away it's starts in Oct and finishes up around Feb...stretched out I know longer then I would like it do be, being I'm used to doing week by week but when working with a place that will house the class/course then I work around them.  I've wanted to do this for some time and just wasn't time for it but I feel it now..Trusting the gut.

Well the Husband has made to the hotel and in Kentucky, he wanted to do a road trip on his bike so now he has and not sure if he'll be coming home today or tomorrow because of the rain coming possible on Sunday...Hard but can be done on the motorcycle that is ride in the rain.

I'm going to put up the tent this morning and see what happens after that as of pulling out all the papermaking stuff to see what I have so I can tell our ed. chair with MCS what will be need for the group on June 8..hoping for no rain on that day...


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