Saturday, May 25, 2013

A peek at the Yard...

 My veggie beds...fences are not up around them because of the little baby bunnies that are eating up if today wasn't the day I wouldn't have my lettuce or spinach.
 I've been hanging out here in the yard since I got back from Dillman's the past week or the area some what weeded and planted some new plants too. As you can see the poles of the tent go up today.
 The backbone of the old tent..she's a good old Gal' I think it's got to be about 15 years old or more...I purchased it from Joyce Lea's about 8 years ago..and I think she' said it was 6 years old when she sold it to me. An old Craft Hut.
 To replace the top on this tent it would be a 600.00 deep in to the pocket purse act and I'm not really ready to do that.
 From inside of the tent looking up at the you can see the sun, maple sap and weather have eaten way at the sky lite of the old tent.
 Here is the Velcro that is coming off the vinyl...last years quick stitch. Nothing special.

 As I was stitching up other section that Velcro that strap around the top piping I was thinking of what would work to say this and give me one more off to the hardware store I went and picked up a brown silver tarp and some bungee's.  I didn't want blue or camouflage so I went to the brown tarp. This way I figure the water will hit the top and roll off. 
 Here's the tent all up and ready to go...I wanted to put it up and pull out my paper making stuff to take inventory of what I have for the group that will be coming in to make paper.
 A bit of my back yard section. New bird bath and my stacking rocks with the pop bottle case and my Nome with his little door that My dad made for me a few years ago.
 Eating the spinach and lettuce now but the tomatoes and green beans will be next to eat...but not ready yet.
 I have some big black beauty berry plants with Hollyhocks and some giant sunflowers starting off the Gold Finch love them in the fall and I so enjoy watching them from the window there.
 This tree is huge's a baking Cherry tree that my father in law bought me some years ago...He's since past and it will be 7 years May 27th... good thoughts.
 Moving things around and brought these to chairs that Jake my son made when he was in High school. I put them under the Pine tree so I could have my bit of the North woods right here.

 Front brick freshly weeded but then the winds blow in the maple seeds so I'll be weeding out little maple tree soon if I don't sweep them up soon.
 My only Poppy plant and it bloomed two flowers this year.  
Can you see all the maple seeds there on the drive way..I try to cut them up some but will have to sweep or hope the winds come soon.

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